We’re Reimaging Wealth Creation

Motivated by our distaste for all of the old closed financial systems of the world and the bureaucratic processes of the banking and investment industries. We are on a quest to change the world by empowering people through decentralized products that will allow anyone the ability to control their own financial destiny.

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Higher Return Higher Return

Wall Street For All

What do we mean by that? Is that all of the typical safe high return products are reserved for Wall Street, large institutions, and the ultra-wealthy.

Legal Case Financing

Structured notes

Long/Short Equity Variable Funds

Market Neutral Income UlTs

Merger Arbitrage Hedge Funds

Convertible Arbitrage Large Cap Growth

Capital Structure Arbitrage Tax-Exempt

Fixed-Income Arbitrage Energy

Event-Driven Global Equity

Global Macro Small Cap

Fixed Income Leveraged Finance

Fixed Income Emerging Markets Debt

Short Only Investment Grade

Supply Chain Bonds

External Hard Currency Sovereign Debt Concentrated

All of these products have billions and billions of dollars in them, and they all have safe high returns. Let's be honest, no bank or ultra-wealthy person is going to take much risk to make more money, so they look for safe and for sure products.

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Higher Return Higher Return

You Are Not Alone

We do understand that cryptos and all it entails do seem scary to most, but if you understand that at your disposal is all the advice from our crypto, blockchain, software, and entrepreneurial experts with a combined business experience of more than 100 years, you should be confident that you are in the right place at the right time. Plus as others in our network are having massive success, they are sharing up to the minute best practices through our focused communication efforts.

We have more skin in the game than anyone, our leadership team came over into the crypto space while leaving the Private Equity sector, where they had already acquired many different companies valued at many tens of millions of dollars. We have raised millions of dollars to then go out and get the expert staff, to build out the proprietary trading algorithms, and make it all easily accessible to you at a push of a button on our platform.

Long story short crypto and more importantly Surplus is our life.

We all look forward to every one of our members becoming a part of our family.

Surplus is here to grow exponentially, the only way we can achieve our vision is by being committed to ensuring that every member sees the great returns that then help that member to grow their wealth to heights that they never thought were possible.

The Future Of Wealth Creation Is Here

Finding and getting the highest returns shouldn’t be a source of friction that limits you. Getting the highest returns should be a tool that thrusts you and your life forward.