Our Mission Is Simple: Make Creating Wealth Available To All

Surplus is the only platform that gives you a push button option into the highest gaining asset class in history. We do this by providing access to financial products that would be reserved for the ultra-wealthy and institutions. We don’t have a problem missing sleep to make sure we help millions of people generate billions of dollars in wealth by 2030. We are extremely committed to democratizing institutional grade financial products and making these products inclusive to everyone.

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The Hard Decision

Deciding what to put your money into is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make, and it is important to know that you have made the best possible choice to pursue your dreams. Surplus is committed to excellence, and you will see why we are quickly becoming the go to place for people to get outsized returns.

What we are offering here at Surplus is plain vanilla; it's no different than seeking returns in the real estate markets, stock market, bond market, investing in startups, trusting insurance companies, or anything else where the goal is to get a return on your hard earned money.

If you want insurance or a house you find someone to help you with that. Well the truth is you aren’t alone when it comes to cryptos, 81% of Americans to be exact have asked their advisors about cryptocurrencies, but there is no one to help them. The entire crypto market is DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) at the moment.

Imagine if the only way to buy a house, insurance, or a stock was just completely online with no professionals to ask questions to. Well, that's how cryptos are at the moment. It's mind blowing that all of these smart people expect us all to download all of these apps and then start dumping money into all of these cartoon sounding cryptocurrencies!

At Surplus, we understand this problem and the frustrations that this creates, and we think that we are better suited than anyone to alleviate all of this pain.

What you want at the end of the day and what most people are looking for is a return, you want your money to give you the highest return on investment.

Most people don't care where that comes from as long as it is safe and steady. They don't care if that is real estate, stocks, bonds, oil, annuities, cannabis, gold, or cryptos as long as it produces the highest returns.

You probably are telling yourself well I don't know anything about cryptos and it's all complicated computer nerd stuff. This is where Surplus comes in. You will not be picking any cryptos at all.

We have the nerds (Quants to be specific) that have created winning proprietary market neutral strategies that have been performing above industry benchmarks in all crypto market types.

These minds are some of the smartest in all of the investing markets, they are former physicists, rocket scientists, and mathematicians.

See, all you will be doing is just selecting one of our products and setting back watching your returns grow.

No different if you were to pick a low interest CD from a bank, a fee laced mutual fund from a Wall Street fund, or a low annuity returning from an insurance company. The job of these institutions is to make sure the products perform as advertised.

That's all we are doing here, offering you access to an alternative investment that is beating all the others.

Other products are based on the overcrowded and increasingly hard to perform in stock market. The only difference is that we are in the crypto markets, which are producing the largest returns ever in history. And at a much faster rate than any other market.

Estimated net performance as of December 31, 2021

performance stats performance stats

Note: The average crypto fund returned more than 128% in 2020, compared to 30% in 2019.[1]

The median crypto hedge fund was up to 28% last year and 30% in 2019. The median best-performing strategy among crypto hedge funds last year was discretionary long-only with a 294% return, followed by discretionary long/short at 129% and multi-strategy at 114%.

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