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It's natural to be skeptical. It goes against all marketing principles for us to have this page and to be critical of ourselves and our business industry, but you know what? We are doing it anyway.

We have had years of experience in business and investing. We have evaluated literally thousands of different companies and investments and now want to share with you exactly what isn't going to work. Most people, when evaluating where to put their money, think the initial price is the main thing that they should be focused on. In reality, the lowest price may mean that it will have the lowest and slowest return on investment.

Also, don't think because something has worked for someone in the past that it will be successful for you in the future

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4 Out Of 5 Will Underperform

Is it possible that 385,000 fund managers can be successful every year? Not even close, Over 5, 10 or even 15 years, there will typically be somewhere between 5% and 20% of managers who will beat the market. Unfortunately, no one knows in advance who the “winning” managers will be. Some people think that picking a recent top performer is best, as they think they can perform well again. But there is statistically no greater probability that they will repeat that strong performance over the next decade.

If we compare investment managers and mutual-fund managers against an appropriate index, such as the S&P 500 Index, to see how well they are doing, we see that roughly 80% of these managers underperform the benchmark index.

So there’s a 4 out of 5 chance that your manager will underperform the market. Are you willing to bet your money on those odds?

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is it risky is it risky

Want Returns? Find The Blue Ocean

The more and more competition that exists the lower the possibility of success is. Competition is not good for return on investments. The fact that there are so many of the smartest people in the world competing for an outcome makes it harder and harder to beat the other person. This is happening every day on Wall Street, it is much harder today to get outsized returns than it was 30 years ago in the stock market. It’s not because stocks or companies have changed much, it’s simply because it’s too many players in the game.

You want to entrust your money with professionals that will go to great lengths to find the returns where the oceans are clear. These oceans mostly exist where few have yet to travel, and where there may be little known information.

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The Unknown

What is the possibility of loss with crypto? The first big major risk is crypto being wiped off the face of the Earth by regulators. The good thing is now that crypto has a few trillion dollars in value the possibility of this happening is next to null.

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What About Surplus

We know that right now today we can’t sit here and have the level of trust that an insurance company or a bank has. Mostly because we don't have 100 years of history, we don't have 30 years of history, no one does in crypto.

What we can do is work extremely hard to become the safest and most secure crypto firm that someone can engage with. Surplus will become the safest place for someone to interact with inside of the crypto and financial world. To make that a reality we're working tirelessly on it each and every day.

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Don’t Take Our Word For It

Hear it straight from those who have successfully added their crypto exposure with Surplus.

Kathy P.

My dealings with Surplus have been professional yet simple and straightforward. My questions have been answered quickly by their knowledgeable staff. I was so pleased with the first investment that I am gearing up to jump at the opportunity to invest a second time, and I look forward to reaching my goal for income.

Branden E.

The Surplus investment opportunity was brought to me by Carlyle, who I have known for a while. I was excited to see that I could get above-market yield since we couldn’t find anything we felt was safe that generated good returns. It’s a great investment for us, I just wish I had put in more.

Jeff D.

I was intrigued by the attractive yields Surplus offered. After Carlyle explained how the Company operates and mitigates risk, I was more excited. While I typically focus on equity investments, this offers an attractive risk free yield in a volatile market. The returns are like equity with less risk and volatility.

Integrity You Can Count On.

  • 100% Aligned Incentives. We’ve got more skin in the game than anyone and have the same goals: the best, highest, and safest returns.

  • 100% Transparent From Day One. The good, the bad (if any). All shared with you.

is it risky is it risky