How The Surplus Platform Works

Our streamlined platform provides the only set it and forget it crypto exposure option that is available to everyone. Discover why so many people are choosing Surplus.

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how it works
Ultra wealthy

Unlocking What Is Reserved For The Ultra-Wealthy

The art of navigating the crypto markets is what we live and breathe to do. Before Surplus, unnecessary barriers have prevented most people from accessing some of the best financial product structures available.

We’ve taken a wrecking ball to Wall Street and its endless barriers and have completely streamlined the process for quick and easy accessibility.

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Identify The Opportunities

We use our proprietary algorithms to understand which crypto assets are accelerating quickly and have the most attractive historical price appreciation rates. As a member, you get access to a reservoir of exclusive hand curated data.

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Ultra wealthy

It Really Is Easy As

  • Speak With A Certified Crypto Advisor.

    Speak directly with one of our advisors that have gone through a rigorous certification process on all things cryptos and are true experts in the space.

  • Getting Started Is A Breeze.

    By using our completely custom state-of-the-art platform, you can get started in as little as 6 minutes.

  • You Relax. We Get To Work.

    We handle navigating the crypto waters by using our proprietary market neutral strategies. We make sure we perform well above all of our benchmarks.

  • Collect Your Returns.

    Through our platform, you can check and watch your yield accumulate daily.

  • Get More Growth On Your Returns.

    Let the magic of compounding work for you. One of the most important aspects to outperforming others is to keep your returns compounding and not to let them sit idle in low barring assets like cash.

Set Up An Account In A Few Simple Taps

It takes less than 6 minutes from start to finish to get the returns to start flowing in. Don’t wait, get started now.

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The Numbers Don’t Lie. See What 30% Can Do For You.

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Don’t Take Our Word For It

Hear it straight from those who have successfully added their crypto exposure with Surplus.

Kathy P.

My dealings with Surplus have been professional yet simple and straightforward. My questions have been answered quickly by their knowledgeable staff. I was so pleased with the first investment that I am gearing up to jump at the opportunity to invest a second time, and I look forward to reaching my goal for income.

Branden E.

The Surplus investment opportunity was brought to me by Carlyle, who I have known for a while. I was excited to see that I could get above-market yield since we couldn’t find anything we felt was safe that generated good returns. It’s a great investment for us, I just wish I had put in more.

Jeff D.

I was intrigued by the attractive yields Surplus offered. After Carlyle explained how the Company operates and mitigates risk, I was more excited. While I typically focus on equity investments, this offers an attractive risk free yield in a volatile market. The returns are like equity with less risk and volatility.

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Your Private Key To The Exclusivity That Is Reserved For The Ultra-Wealthy Is Only Steps Away

Surplus is revolutionizing access to wealth. Discover the potential the returns can have on your life.

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